Friday, July 13, 2012

Beer Bottle Garland - Outdoor Party Decor

I really like glass bottles. I think it's the way they feel when you hold them. They feel more solid and more special than plastic bottles or aluminum cans. So whenever I have a get-together, I buy beer and soft drinks in glass bottles. After my Destination Truth party I had a few days ago, I had a lot of empty bottles sitting around. I'm a huge fan of saving money and using resources wisely, so I wanted to make something fun out of the empty bottles. This DIY is super quick, easy, inexpensive, and fun!

glass bottles, 5 or 6
floral wire
fabric scraps cut into one inch strips, various lengths
string lights

Take a spool of floral wire and pull out a one-foot length. Attach a beer bottle by wrapping it TIGHTLY right under the lip of the bottle, and twisting like a twistie-tie on a bag of bread. Attach more bottles at one-foot increments. I used IBC Root Beer bottles because they didn't have any pesky labels to fight with! *halleluiah*

Wrap a string of Christmas lights around the wire. This doesn't have to be tight. Cut fabric scraps into roughly one inch strips. For each tassel, I used three strips of poly-satin chifon and three strips of glittery organza. (left-over scraps from my friend's wedding last summer)

To make the tassels, hold the strips in one hand as a bundle, and drape them over the wire, letting two little "tails" hang down with a loop on top. Read through the look and pull the tails up and through the loop, wrapping it around the garland. (In my picture, I did it with one, to make it easier to see. To make a fluffy tassel, hold the strips all together and do it with the whole bundle at once.)

Aaand that's really all you do! Wrap the ends around a fence post and plug in the lights. I didn't have enough fresh flowers growing in my yard, so I used fake ones here. You decide which ones you want to use. This is a really nice touch to add to any barbeque or garden party, since you can easily coordinate the colors to go with your own ideas! Enjoy!
 pretty by day...
...and by night.

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  1. That would be perfect in Wisconsin!! We do like drinking here and there are a lot of bottles to get recycled!