Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Scarf D.I.Y

Do you love to make pretty things? Do you love to wear pretty things? Do you love to save money? Then do I have the project for you!
This DIY will show you how to make a light summer scarf with things you probably already have. Pretty impressive, yes? First we'll make the scarf, then I'll show you how to stamp it.

To make the scarf, all you'll need is a half yard of scrap fabric. Most fabrics are around 52 inches long when unfolded. If you get a half yard, that's 18 inches wide.
  1. Cut it width-ways down the middle, so you have two pieces that are 9 x 52 inches.
  2. Fold ever, pin and sew each long side of the strips, not the shorter side. 
  3. Grab the one short side on each piece and sew them together, right sides facing in, leaving about an inch flap. 
  4. Fold over the flaps and sew them down. 
  5. Now you have one long, thin piece of fabric. 
  6. At each ends, cut thin strips and tie to create a fringe.
Now on to the Stamping!

You'll need:
A pen and a pencil, or just a pencil.
An image of that you want to transfer. (remember it'll be reversed since you're stamping it.
A rubber stamp blank. (or a big pink eraser.)
Linoleum cutter tools. You can probably use an EX-acto knife if you have one.

I tried using transfer paper but it didn't work for me. The image came out too pale. But when I traced over my image on the paper, it left an indentation on the back. Then all I had to do was to gently rub the back of my image and the graphite collected on the raised parts. I laid it back over the stamp blank and rubbed the graphite over the rubber. It worked! A little pale, but not bad.

Carve away the parts you don' t need... And your stamp is made!!

To stamp it, I laid down some paper on my work surface in case the paint bleeds through, and it did. I used a glass palette. (You can use a cheap junky picture frame from goodwill.) Once you choose your color, lay it out in a flat square, just bigger than your stamp, and STAMP AWAY!

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  1. Really, really like this! Your stamp carving skills are amazing...