Sunday, July 1, 2012

DIY Fourth of July Headband


Here's a quick and inexpensive DIY on how to make a festive headband for the Fourth of July!

 All you'll need are scissors, glue, ribbon, a pencil, and foam sheets. I chose red, white, and blue, with glitter, but you can certainly get creative!
With a pencil, draw stars (or whatever) on the back of the foam sheets. I made mine about 3 inches tall. Cut them out with scissors.
 Glue the foam to the ribbon. I put mine in an overlapping pattern. Make sure your foam is centered on your ribbon and you have enough to tie at the back of your head.
For extra stability, I sewed my stars onto the ribbon. I made my stitches small so they weren't too noticeable. Place it where you want it and tie it on! Use bobby pins if you're afraid it won't stay put, but I've been wearing mine and it hasn't caused me any problems. :)

To everyone in the USA, have a fun and safe fourth of July! I'll be back to Blogging on Thursday, if not sooner! Thanks for reading my blog!

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