Monday, June 25, 2012

Artists I love: Gingiber

While browsing the Ruche website, I saw the January Fox print by Artists Stacie Bloomfield. I was kind of infatuated by this little fox and wanted to see more, so I googled her name and found her blog and etsy shop. Goodness, her work is beautiful! So fresh and fun and the animals are so cute! She's really talented. I mean, I can paint like a beast, but creating cute, stylized modern things like this is something I struggle with. I couldn't help myself. I had so have some of her work, so I bought a little collection of post cards for $8 in the clearance section. I'm all about supporting artists, but I'm also kind of broke. This was all I could afford, but if I had the money, I'd totally buy one of everything!

This will be arriving in my mailbox very soon! CAN'T WAIT!
 This is one of those things you pin to your board, "For the Kids I Don't Have Yet."
 Aren't skunks just the cutest? I love how they waddle. I want a pet one some day.
Godda include some bears in the BEARSHAPED BLOG! ;)

Really though. Check out her shop and blog, and buy some of her work if you can!

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  1. EEE. Too cute!! That type of art is exactly what I want in my home (especially the adorable animals)!!