Friday, June 29, 2012

What $25 bought me at Valley Thrift.

There's really only one thrift store I go to. It's called Valley Thrift and it's in Kettering, Ohio. This thrift store has so much great stuff at awesome prices. You have to devote at least two hours to combing through it all though, but it's totally worth it. Today I stopped in, with nothing in mind really, and this is what I came home with:

 Super Size Me ($2), Knight's Tale ($2), Star Wars Trilogy Bonus Material ($5) - I'm pretty excited to watch that one.

 Warlord Comic Book, issue 69, May 1983 ($5) - A silly gift for The Mister.
 (The whole, "tacky-skulls-and-flames-and-overly-macho-with-questionably-gay-undertones-1980s-hairmetal-twisted-sister- ozzy-kiss-ridiculousness" is totally up his alley, being in a heavy metal band, and all.)
 Pyrex bowls, big one ($1), little one (69 cents), and small milk glass vase (9 cents) -being almost free, I had to buy it.
 This nifty summer purse ($3) - it's not vintage, it's ColdWater Creek, but it's vintage inspired.

 Bear Band wrapping paper (50 cents) and early 90s kitty cat wrapping paper (50 cents) - the cat one reminds me of the stickers my older sister used to have when I was little.
Yellow daisy invitaions (50 cents) and yellow birdie invitations (50 cents) - I have no idea when I'll use these or what for, but they were so cute and so dirt cheap, I got them anyway.
 Cactus string lights ($1) -the first thing I found at the thrift store. It made me laugh, so I got it.
Glass bear mug (69 cents) I thought it was cute and it has something written on it on Japanese. I'm a sucker for anything Asian. Can anyone translate this for me??
 Polaroid Land Camera - Pronto! SE (69 cents) I looked up film for it on my iPhone before I bought it. I found some on Amazon here, for $8 (which I bought when I got home.) There was another Polaroid camera there for the same price, but I looked up film for that one and it was $43! Back on the shelf it went. That's the joy (one of the many) of having a smart phone. You can see what you're getting yourself into before you buy it.
Magazines for kids (9 cents each)- I'll be teaching a kid's art class this summer at Hobby Lobby. The first two days of the class, we'll be doing collages, and I wanted the kids to have something they would like. All I have in my magazine stash is Martha Stewart Living and Martha Stewart Whole Living.

$25 got me all this! Woo! In the afternoon, a good friend of mine came over and we made crafts and chatted about work and life and other girl stuff. My New Pyrex bows were perfect for snacks. :) What's the best deal you've ever gotten at a thrift store? Anyone have any thrifting horror stories??

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