Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Outfit Post: Strawberry Fields Forever

Hi everyone! My blog has been around a little while now and I realized I haven't done any posts about my daily outfits! Which is weird because I like to dress up whenever I get the oportunity, and now being summertime especially, I've had a lot of days off, so I've warn a lot of cute dresses lately! ;) Here's what I wore yesterday!

[my necklace got flipped around in this picture: oops!]

Strawberry dress: Mimi Chica from Marshall's // Strawberry necklace: Dot's // Metallic sandals: Target // Red Belt: Forever 21 // Red Bolero: Marshall's // Headband: Handmade by ME! (see an a post about it from my old blog, back when I had long hair!)

All photos taken by The Mister, Edited by me.

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