Saturday, June 16, 2012

BBQ kit for Father's Day!

The best gifts are from the heart, undoubtedly. This year, I made a BBQ kit for The Mister's Dad. It seems like he grills every time I go there to visit, and he's so kind in that he always makes me a veggie burger. Sometimes he even marinates it for me! So I thought a BBQ kit would be the perfect gift.

The kit contains: Home made Barbeque sauce, steak seasoning, seasoning salt for veggies, and Boston Baked Beans candy.

For the Yummies: I wanted to make everything from scratch, but when I went to the store to buy the ingredients, I realized it would have been outrageously expensive, since I would have to buy so many things. So I decided to make the sauce from scratch and buy the rest pre-made. I used Martha Stewart's recipe for "Father's Day BBQ Sauce," found here. 

For The Presentation: I found these light wood veneer nesting boxes a while back at a thrift store. At $1.99 for a set of six, it was a steal!! If you aren't lucky enough to find a deal like this, Hobby Lobby and Michael's sell similar boxes. I got the glass jars at Hobby Lobby on a week they were half off.
That made them $1 each. I got the red basket filler at The Dollar Tree (it's $1 there, compared to $2.99 at Hobby Lobby) and the polka dot basket wrap at Hobby Lobby for $1.99. The wrap was a little big for the box, so I had to fold it up and tape it before I put the box down inside.

For the Labels: I downloaded a free font from (I used "Buy More"). I measured the jars to judge how big I wanted to make the labels. I used Adobe Illustrator to place the text, although Photoshop, or even Word will work just fine- it may just take a little more finessing. Any glue will work, but I used silicone glue. It works really well for things like glass and metal, and it doesn't have the harsh smell that some other glues have. *I'm lookin at you, E6000..*

 I'm gunna go ahead and admit that I'm really super proud of this project. I'm a girlie girl, all the way. I'm glad I can take a manly idea and put my own cutesy fun spin on it, but it's still totally father-appropriate. Awesome. <3

I'll show you what I did for my own dad tomorrow! Woo!

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  1. So I have browsed through your most recent posts and I think you're fantastic!! You are so creative and I can't wait to do fun eco-week projects with you!! =D