Saturday, June 9, 2012

Welcome to the Bearshaped Blog!

A warm welcome to all the new visitors and followers of my blog! My name is Angie May McRoberts and I've very excited to start posting again, now that I'm on summer vacation. In case you didn't know, I ran a blog a while back called Angie May Handmade ( I abandoned that blog because I couldn't keep up with blogging, work, and school. But I'm out for the summer and I'm feeling optimistic that I can keep this one going through the season and beyond. I feel so fortunate that there's a whole world of people out there with the same interests as me, and we can get together on the internet and share our ideas, on crafting, art, and simply enjoying life.

 I have big plans for this blog. There's a notebook on my desk, just spilling over with ideas and doodles. I'm going to have a tremendous amount of craft and fashion DIYs, drawing and painting tutorials, "make it vs buy it" specials, recipes, and lots of little peeks into my busy, busy life.

I want to get to know my readers. I really appreciate all of you. (I know I don't have any just yet, but I'm sure I will.) Please, please, leave me comments, send me emails, get in touch with me some way. If you think your blog is awesome and one of your posts is related to one of mine, please, tell me about it, and maybe I'll feature you here on my blog! Were you inspired by a DIY of mine and decided to try it yourself? Awesome! Tell me how it went!

I ask a favor of you all. I know my blog is new, and I haven't gotten the kinks worked out of it yet, but if you like Bearshaped, tell your friends. Post about it on your blog. Help me gain readership. I plan on doing lots and lots of giveaways and hosting great opportunities for my readers in the future. I want this blog to be a fun place for people to browse, get some ideas and inspiration, and maybe make some friends. This blog is going to expand and bloom into something really wonderful. I can already tell.

Thank you for checking out Bearshaped. I will be posting on an almost daily basis. Please follow me, and check back for updates! :)   email me at *bearshaped [at] gmail . com*

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  1. i'm SO glad you're back to blogging! :) i used to check on the old blog here and there, so it's nice to see you've started a new one!

    hoping to keep in touch,