Friday, June 22, 2012

Glimpses of June 2012

I've been going jogging every morning before the sun gets too hot. I've never been an athletic person. Like at all. Seriously. But I'm really proud of myself because last week I was able to jog a full mile without stopping to rest, then a few days later I jogged TWO miles without stopping! For a lot of people I'm sure two miles is nothing, but to me, I felt like I just climbed Everest. It was a really big deal in the story of my life! :]

I love being able to just sit and do nothing. When I'm in school, I don't get that time, unless I'm taking a time out while I wait for ink to dry or waiting for someone. But this summer I can actually RELAX and just watch the birds and the rain. It's such a great feeling.

I have really wide feet (a la picture #1) so it's really hard for me to find shoes that fit. I found these Minetonka moccasins at Marshall's for $22 and they fit really well so I was pretty psyched!

Other things I'm looking forward to:
  • Going to Columbus OH tomorrow with my sister in celebration of her becoming a registered nurse!
  • Having a couple friends over for craft day on Sunday!
  • Teaching some art classes for kids in July!!
  • My favorite show, Destination Truth returning for season 6 on July 10th! 
  • Re-reading my favorite book, Eat Pray Love!
What are you excited about this summer?

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  1. 2 miles takes FOREVER. You are not alone. And I give you so many props for actually sticking with running. I try and then the next morning I'm like "well... maybe the next day".

    And great job on the bird photo! I can't ever get a good one (but I think that's 'cause they're always in motion).

    This summer... I don't really have too many plans, but I am pumped for my birthday celebration! We're going to have dinner the day before and then go to the midnight showing of the new Batman movie! And I guess there's Summerfest, so that's always entertaining (Wisconsin = a lot of drunk people).